Collaborate & Build Smarter

The uniZite digital platform enables you to collaborate seamlessly and scale from 1 – 100’s of users within a single project. Resolve issues, coordinate activities and achieve smoother workflow. 

Build smarter for everybody’s benefit.

Easy to use

uniZite is a module based system that allows you to create a familiar
environment for your users and have your project up and running in minutes.


Our apps for iOS and Android allows you to register and share information from the field. The central point of information is always available through a web browser.

Tailored solutions

Company wide solutions will help
ensure best practice and provide consistent information and statistics Even the most complex projects will be efficiently managed using tailored configurations.

We offer a module based system

Each module offers by itself complete stand alone functionality.
Together our modules offer users one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market


Easy to register using photos and text. Assign to those repsonsible and set times and costs


Customisable checklists for quality controll and
​​​​​​​job site heath and safety


Define activites and follow progress with extensiver reporting

These modules are implemented with highly configurable symbols.
To date uniZite users have registered over 1.5 Million individual symbols.

We have expertise in digital construction

Build smarter

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